[INDOLOGY] A Beginner's Guide to Hindu Dharmashastra

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Dear list,

I am sharing this information on behalf of my friend Dr. Gauri Moghe
(Executive Editor, Mahabharata- Cultural Index and Curator, Bharatvidya
Digital Platform, BHANDARKAR O. R. Institute, Pune)-

A Beginner's Guide to Hindu Dharmashastra," brought to you by the esteemed
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute.

Inspired by the monumental work of the illustrious Bharat Ratna, Dr.
Panduranga Vaman Kane, and his magnum opus, the History of Dharmashastra,
 "A Beginner's Guide to Hindu Dharmashastra," is an online course that
explores the multi-layered nature of Hindu philosophy and Dharma.

The series of 25 sessions, delivered by renowned experts, unravel the
meaning of the scope of Dharma. From its ancient roots to its contemporary
significance, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the living,
breathing force that is Dharma.

Conceptualized and curated by Dr. Gauri Moghe, the course includes esteemed
contributions of renowned scholars such as Dr. Pradeep Apte, Dr. Jyotsna
Khare, Dr. Mugdha Gadgil, Dr. Gauri Moghe, Mr. Pranav Gokhale, Mr. Rajas

The Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute is profoundly grateful to the
Vasant Kothari Foundation for supporting this course.

The course is self-paced and on-demand. From July 03, 2023, the course will
be open for admissions on bharatvidya.in The course fee is INR 1200.

Thank you.

*Dr. Manish Rajan Walvekar*
*Assistant Professor and Centre Coordinator*
*Amrita Darshanam International Centre for Spiritual Studies*
*Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham*

|| तस्मै पाणिनये नमः ||
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