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Dear List members,

Below you may find the link to my book on the Aśoka inscriptions:

The Aśoka Inscriptions: Analysing a Corpus, Delhi" Primus Books, 2023.


The text on the jacket is of necessity brief. In it the division of labour is mentioned between the Rock Edict Series found along the borders of the realm and the Pillar Edict Series found in the centre. I may add the division of labour between the so-called Schism Edict (the Saṃghabheda Edict) and the Minor Rock Edicts: the former, which deal with the sedentary period in the yearly calendar of the of the Buddhist monks, is found in North India in what have become extensive Buddhist settlements, the latter, which deal with the wandering period, signpost resting places along the route into India south of the Vindhya Range; that between the Rock Edict Series and the two Minor Rock Edicts in Eṟṟaguḍi; that between the Minor Rock Edict and the so-called preamble at Pāṅgurāriā; and that between the Seventh Pillar Edict and both the Rock and Pillar Edicts Series.

I saw that Amazon.in has photos of the table of contents of the book.

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