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Thank you very much for the quick and kind responses.

Should anyone else need the article, it is here:


If someone has a pdf of the edition by the Andhra Pradesh Sahitya Academy,
1982, I would much appreciate it.

All the Best,

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> Dear all,
> Does anyone happen to have an electronic copy of
>   BHATTA, C. PANDURANGA. "Textual Criticism of Abhijñānaśakuntala on the
> Basis of Kāṭayavema’s Commentary" *Altorientalische Forschungen*, vol.
> 20, no. 1, 1993, pp. 156-161. https://doi.org/10.1524/aofo.1993.20.1.156
> I cannot access the article online through my institution as our
> subscription only starts with the volumes of 1995.
> On a related note, when reading about the details of Kāṭayavema's life, I
> have found references to his "introductory verses" on the Śākuntala (here
> <https://archive.org/details/FDkf_vikramorvasiya-nataka-of-kalidasa-with-kumara-giri-rajiya-katayavema-commentary-/page/n34/mode/1up>),
> but in the edition I have, ed. by C. Sankara Rama Sastri (here
> <https://archive.org/details/AbhijnanaSakuntala/page/n65/mode/2up>),
> there is only a single verse. Are there more verses in other editions? I
> still need to have a look at MS catalogs where more verses might be
> recorded, but if there is another edition containing the mentioned verses,
> that would be helpful.
> All the Best,
> Victor
> All the Best,
> Victor
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