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Dhaval Patel drdhaval2785 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 05:29:18 UTC 2023

Dear friends,

Kindly find attached the announcement of launch of a Sanskrit verb form
generator (vidyut-prakriya) from Mr. Arun Prasad, which may be of interest
to some of you.


नमो विद्वद्भ्यः --

*vidyut-prakriya* generates Sanskrit words by applying Paninian rules
step-by-step. Our long-term goal is for the program to generate all valid
Paninian words.

vidyut-prakriya is heavily indebted to the SanskritVerb
<https://groups.google.com/g/bvparishat/c/sm-lW9qj0A8> generator from Dr.
Dhaval Patel, I.A.S and Dr. Shivakumari Katuri, and we are grateful to the
authors for their encouragement in this project.

If you are familiar with SanskritVerb, vidyut-prakriya offers the following

- It adds many more forms (जुगुप्सते etc, अतत etc, -आम्बभूव etc.)
- It fixes various small bugs.
- Its prakriyas generally have more detail, especially for it-Agama rules.
- It can run in a web browser without an internet connection.
- It is much faster. On my laptop, vidyut-prakriya can generate all
kartari-tinantas in about 4 seconds. This speed is especially useful for
testing and for natural language processing tools.
- It has partial support for sanAdi forms. These have not been tested very
much, so please use with caution.

*Code: *https://github.com/ambuda-org/vidyut/tree/main/vidyut-prakriya
*Demo*: https://ambuda-org.github.io/vidyullekha/-- click on a dhatu to see
its tinanta padas, and click on a pada to see its prakriya.

We are sharing our system publicly so that we can collect feedback and
better discover bugs. Please share it widely so that we can collect more

- For bug reports, please use https://github.com/ambuda-org/vidyut/issues .
- We are eager to partner with scholars and experts to better test our
system. If you are interested in working with us more closely, please
contact us at https://ambuda.org/contact.
- We have partial support for subantas and krdantas, but these are not
available in the demo yet.
- Testing was done by comparing our program to the output of SanskritVerb.
Most differences have been accounted for and are (we believe) in
vidyut-prakriya's favor, but a few small errors likely remain.


Arun Prasad


Dr. Dhaval Patel
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