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Thanks to all colleagues who have answered.

David: thanks a lot. I'll forward to Prof. Gianto and ask what he really wants, though it seems to be precisely the key to the supplementary exercises.

Best wishes,


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Dear Arlo,

Perhaps you have already received the requested key off-list. But as this question may have a wider relevance to anyone who teaches Sanskrit, it may be worthwhile to reply to it on the list. The key to Sanskrit-English exercises and English-Sanskrit exercises was included already in the first edition, 1976. It is the key to the Supplementary English-Sanskrit exercises that was not included in the first edition. The key to these Supplementary exercises was included in the second edition, 1992, pp. 494-504. I do not at present have a way to scan these pages, but will find a way if no one else supplies them. Interestingly, both the Supplementary English-Sanskrit exercises and their key were omitted in the 2006 edition, which I suppose is the one still being sold.

Best regards,

David Reigle
Colorado, U.S.A.

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Dear colleagues,

Happy new year to every one!

I am writing on behalf of my friend Agustinus Gianto SJ, a specialist of Semitic linguistics wishing to brush up his Sanskrit through Coulson's textbook. He apparently has a fairly old edition in hand which mentions the possibility of obtaining a key to exercises through the then incumbent of the Boden chair, Prof. Gombrich. (See photo attached.) He also informs me that later editions don't mention the key any longer.

Should anyone be able to deliver said key in scanned form, I shall gratefully forward it to Prof. Gianto.

Thank you. Best wishes,

Arlo Griffiths

PS For those rare list members who read Indonesian, the following collection of Prof. Gianto's popularizing essays on language (esp. languages in Indonesia), with lots of reference to Sanskrit, is highly recommended:


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