[INDOLOGY] Sanderson's reconstruction of the VAUT?

Westin Harris wlharris at ucdavis.edu
Thu Jan 5 07:26:58 UTC 2023

Greetings Indologists,

On p. 519 of her substantial work on Vajrayogini, Elizabeth English cites
an unpublished reconstruction of the *Vārāhyabhyudayatantra* (VAUT) edited
by Alexis Sanderson as follows:

Vārāhyabhyudayatantra. 2001. Ed. by A. Sanderson. In "The
> *Vārāhyabhyudayatantram*: Tibetan Translation with the Sanskrit Restored
> on the Basis of the *Abhidhānottaratantram*." ... Oxford (unpublished).

If a soft copy of this is making the rounds, I humbly request a copy.
Otherwise, I am happy to ask Dr. Sanderson himself if someone can confirm
which is his preferred mode of communication (google suggested several
different email addresses).

Thank you and happy new year to all.


*Westin Harris*
Ph.D. Candidate
Study of Religion
University of California, Davis

2021 Dissertation Fellow,
The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Program in Buddhist Studies

Sarva Mangalam.
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