[INDOLOGY] Devanagari v and b in manuscripts from Kashmir

Charles DiSimone disimone at alumni.stanford.edu
Sat Feb 25 14:14:49 UTC 2023

Dear Harry Spier,

I'm not sure when ba became a dedicated akṣara within the Devanāgarī
script, but what you describe has been the norm for Brahmic script
manuscript transmissions over history.

All my best,

Dr. Charles DiSimone
Department of Languages and Cultures
Ghent University

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> Dear list members,
> I'm looking at a manuscript from the Ragunath Temple Sanskrit Manuscript
> Library, Jammu, j&K. The text is  ajñānadvāntadīpikā by somanātha
> The link to the pdf on archive.org is:
> https://archive.org/download/AgyanDhvantaDeepikaShriSomnath4966Alm22Shlf4DevanagariTantra/Agyan%20Dhvanta%20Deepika%20-%20Shri%20Somnath_4966_Alm_22_Shlf_4_Devanagari-%20Tantra.pdf
> Looking at the first few lines it looks to me like the scribe is using the
> devanagari letter  व for both व and ब.  Is that common practice in
> devanagari manuscripts from kashmir?
> Thanks,
> Harry Spier
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