[INDOLOGY] list of Indology-related journal abbreviations?

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 17:50:58 UTC 2023

In case it's of use, I attach the list I've made based on the one sent by
Prof Michaels (thank you!).  This is not comprehensive, it's just for
personal use with JabRef <https://www.jabref.org/> and for journals that
are commonly used enough (by me) that an abbreviation could be useful.
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Acta Orientalia;AOC;AOC   
American Journal of  Archaeology;AJA;AJA     
Ancient India, Bulletin of the Archaeological Survey of India;AI;AI     
Annals of  the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute;ABORI;ABORI   
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute;ABORI;ABORI
Antiquaries Journal;AJ;AJ   
Ars Orientals;AOM;AOM     
Asian Review;As.R;As.R     
Asian Studies, Quezon City (Philippines);ASP;ASP     
Asiatic Research Bulletin;ARB;ARB     
Assam Quarterly, Gauhati;    AQG;    AQG     
Bhavan’s journal;BJ;BJ     
Bhavan’s Journal;BJ;BJ   
Bodha-Prabhā: A Research Journal, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri;SPRJ;SPRJ     
Bulletin of  the American School of  Oriental Research;BASOR;BASOR   
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies;BSOAS;BSOAS
CASS Studies : Centre of Advanced Studies in Sanskrit;CASS;CASS     
Central Asiatic Journal;CAJ;CAJ     
Darsanika, Traimasika;DT;DT     
Darshan Internal;DI;DI     
Epigraphia Indica;EI;EI   
Glory of  India;GI;GI     
Harvard Journal of  Asiatic Studies;HJAS;HJAS     
Indian Antiquary;IA;IA     
Indian Historical Quarterly;IHQ;IHQ     
Indian Horizons;IH;IH     
Indian Institute of  Language Studies;IILS;IILS     
Indian Journal of  Linguistics;IJL;IJL     
Indian Linguistics;ILin.;ILin.     
Indian Literature;IL;IL     
Indian Philosophical Quarterly;IPQP;IPQP     
Indian Theosophist;IT;IT     
Indo-Iranian Journal;IIJ;IIJ
Jijñāsā: Journal of the History of Ideas and Culture;JIJ;JIJ     
Journal of  Asian and African Studies;JAAS;JAAS     
Journal of  History, Dept. of History, Jadavpur University;JH;JH     
Journal of  Indian Council of  Philosophical Research;JICPR;JICPR     
Journal of  Indian History;JIH;JIH     
Journal of  Indian Philosophy;JIP;JIP   
Journal of  Kerala Studies, University of Kerala;JKS;JKS   
Journal of  Numismatic Society of  India;JNSI;JNSI     
Journal of  Oriental Institute, MS University of Baroda;JOIB;JOIB     
Journal of  Oriental Research;JORM;JORM    
Journal of  Royal Asiatic Society of  Great Britain and Ireland;JRAS;JRAS 
Journal of  Sukritindra Oriental Research Institute;SORIJ;SORIJ    
Journal of  the Asiatic Society;JASC;JASC     
Journal of  the Asiatic Society of  Bangladesh;JASOB;JASOB   
Journal of  the Bihar Research Society;JBRSP;JBRSP    
Journal of  the Bombay Historical Society;JBHS;JBHS     
Journal of  the Burma Research Society;JBRS;JBRS     
Journal of  the Ganganath Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha    JGJKSV    
Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies;JIABS;JIABS
Journal of  the Karnatak University;JKU;JKU   
Journal of  the Maharaja Sayaji Rao University of  Baroda;JMSB;JMSB     
Journal of  the University of  Bombay;JUB;JUB     
Journal of  the University of  Gauhati;JUG;JUG     
Journal of  the University of  Poona;JUP;JUP     
Madhya Bharati;MB;MB     
Maharshi Dayanand University Research Journal (Arts);MDURJ;MDURJ   
Meerut University Sanskrit Research Journal;MUSRJ;MUSRJ    
Prabuddha Bharata;PB;PB     
Sanskrit Ranga Annual;SRA;SRA     
Sanskrit Vimarśa;SV;SV 
Shree Jagannath Jyotiḥ, Journal of Indology;SJJ;SJJ     
The Journal of  Sanskrit Academy, Osmania University;JSAOU;JSAOU   
The Vedic Path;VP;VP 
Vishvabharatī Quarterly;VBQ;VBQ     
Vishveshvaranand Indological Journal;VIJ;VIJ     
Visva Jyoti, V.V.R.I. Hoshiarpur;VJ;VJ     

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