[INDOLOGY] my dissertation on NBhūṣ 104–154 + "Vātāyana" text mining system

Tyler Neill tyler.g.neill at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 03:56:19 UTC 2023

Hello friends and colleagues,

I recently defended my PhD dissertation, and although I will properly
publish at least some part of it hopefully soon, and although there is
always room for improvement, I think I should share the materials (PDF +
websites) now, while the iron is relatively hot, in case anyone can make
use of them in the meantime:
(full-text PDF download link at the bottom of the page)

Part 1 contains an edition, translation, and analysis of Nyāyabhūṣaṇa
104–154, which mainly battles Buddhist views relating to the idea of the
ontological whole (*avayavin*) and many related topics like error (*bhrānti*,
*viparyaya*) and reflexive awareness (*svasaṃvedana*). The translation also
contains hyperlinks to Part 2...

Part 2 documents an experimental text-mining system called Vātāyana, online
now as a web app at vatayana.info <https://www.vatayana.info>. Basically,
it uses a suite of NLP methods to automatically find parallels within a
corpus, which so far is the PramāṇaNLP corpus (on GitHub
<https://github.com/tylergneill/pramana-nlp>), of mostly Nyāya and Bauddha
philosophical affiliation. If you're interested in exploring the web app,
please know that it's very much in "alpha" status, meaning it is buggy and
has not yet been tested by many people. (And alas! No how-to tutorial yet.)
I'm interested in gentle feedback, but please know that I am short on time
these days.

Oh, and if it helps, here's a link to a recording of my dissertation defense
in which I explain some more things. Best to follow along with the PDF; I
forgot to share-screen at one point while referencing pp. 136–138.

Hopefully by sharing these things openly, they'll be of more use to some of
you out there.

Kind regards,
Tyler Neill
(LinkedIn <https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyler-g-neill/>)
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