[INDOLOGY] MAHE Manipal (Karnataka) International Summer School 2023 - Reinterpreting India

Karl-Stephan Bouthillette karl-stephan.bouthillette.1 at ulaval.ca
Wed Feb 8 04:13:22 UTC 2023

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to present you with the fourth edition of MAHE Manipal International Summer School - 'Reinterpreting India: Perspectives from Literature, Culture and Morality'.

Foreign undergraduates, graduates, and free-willing individuals are most welcome to join our Indian students and Faculties for two weeks of intensive learning and cultural immersion this July (17th to 31st) 2023.

Upon completion of the course, 3 credits (ECTS) are earned.

Our Department of Philosophy (DoP) has put together a rich offer.

Within our program, students will be introduced to Indian knowledge systems in philosophy and aesthetics. They will debate on major issues within the tradition, such as God and the self. They will be exposed to contemporary discussions within Indology and to traditional educational methods. They will also be initiated to Sanskrit and regional languages (Kannada and Tulu).

Please inform your students about this precious hands-on learning opportunity.
For more information, visit our Website:



Cordially yours,


Dr. Karl-Stéphan Bouthillette
Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy (DoP)
Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)
6th floor, Advanced Research Centre (ARC), Tower 3
MAHE, Manipal – 576104, INDIA
Tel: +91 82029 37750
Extension: 37756
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