[INDOLOGY] Ranjana Unicode Proposal

Samuel Grimes grimessm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 22:17:32 UTC 2023

Forwarding on behalf of Deborah Anderson (dwanders at berkeley.edu)

The following is a link to the preliminary Rañjanā proposal, which has just
been posted:

The document will be revised shortly, based on the following comments from
a review from Unicode Script Ad Hoc members:

·    At the beginning of the document, add content on the benefits of
unifying Ranjana and Lantsa, showing sources and making the case that they
are more similar than different.
·    Section 4: identify the rows with names (Ranjana / Lantsa).
·    Section 4.3 (pages 12-13): the long u glyph is incorrect.
·     Use Myanmar as the model for naming characters, instead of Tibetan or
Zanabazar Square. Rename FINAL RA and FINAL YA to be MEDIAL RA and MEDIAL YA
·     Add examples from manuscripts.
·     Show most frequent conjuncts, comparing Ranjana vs. Lantsa.

Please feel free to circulate this.  Comments on the proposal should be
sent to the author Anshuman Pandey at pandey at umich.edu, cc'ing me. Note;
Anshuman Pandey is looking for a better font, in case you are aware of one.

With best wishes,
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