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In a 13th-century text from the western or northwestern part of the 
Indian subcontinent, the following colophons occur after the first and 
second part, respectively:

iti śrīprāgvāṭānvayakumārasiṃhātmajasamarasiṃhasamuddhṛta- [...]

iti prāgvāṭānvayakumārasiṃhātmaja_mahaṃ_samarasiṃhena 
tājikasiddhāṃtoddhṛte [...]

It is the underlined /mahaṃ/ of the second colophon that particularly 
interests me. As it occurs in both the MSS of this (rare) text available 
to me, it seems unlikely to be a scribal error, but I have little idea 
as to its meaning and wonder whether it might be a vernacular/regional 
title, place name, or personal name, perhaps giving a clue as to the 
more precise place of origin. As can be seen, the author identifies as a 
member of the Prāgvāṭa or Porwal community. Any suggestions/information 
would be most appreciated.

Best wishes,
Martin Gansten
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