[INDOLOGY] Online or downloadable book to learn devanagari

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Dear Harry,

As far as downloadable (work)books are concerned, I find these two volumes very good:



On 23. Dec 2023 at 04:30 +0100, Lubin, Tim via INDOLOGY <indology at list.indology.info>, wrote:
> Dear Harry,
> I suggest:
> Lessons 1 and 2 of Adheesh Sathaye and Tim Bellefleur’s website https://ubcsanskrit.ca/, which was designed to complement देववाणिप्रवेशिका  (the textbook by Bob and Sally Sutherland Goldman)
> and:
> The video to accompany Chapter 1 of Antonia Ruppell’s Cambridge Introduction to Sanskrit https://www.cambridge-sanskrit.org/video-resources/ > direct link
> Best,
> Tim Lubin
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> Dear list members,
> Someone has asked me for an online or downloadable book to learn devanagari.  Can someone recommend me something for an english speaker.
> Thanks,
> Harry Spier
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