[INDOLOGY] Samsādhanī – Praveśikā: Learning Sanskrit using Computational Tools

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Dear Amba,

>From the "overwhelming response"  which you mentioned for previous editions
of your course, it is clear that there is indeed a widely felt need for
this kind of introduction to Sanskrit designed for a modern, general
public, and esp. for graduate students in any subject in science and
technology who want to be able to read Sanskrit texts  (philosophical,
mathematical, ayurvedic) using available computational tools.

A century ago it was natural and useful to encourage students in classical
philology and ethnology to take an interest in Sanskrit and Sanskrit
literature (Willem Caland 1906
on Sanskrit in relation to classical philology and ethnology), at present
it is equally natural and useful to do the same for students in science and

Wishing you and your team much success, this year again, with this course
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSRylBnfPZQ> developed at the University
of Hyderabad in collaboration with INRIA, Paris, in its updated set-up
(pre-recorded courses and live discussions),

Jan Houben

On Sat, 16 Dec 2023 at 04:41, Amba Kulkarni via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear list members,
> This is an announcement of the Online Certificate Course on
> Samsādhanī – Praveśikā:
> Learning Sanskrit using Computational Tools
> During 2019 and 2020-21 we  offered this course online, and there was an
> overwhelming response for it. In response to several requests, we decided
> to offer it again in online mode, this time with pre-recorded lessons, and
> live online discussion/interactive sessions every weekend.
> For more details and registration process, please visit
> https://sanskrit.uohyd.ac.in/IOE102
> Thank you,
> Amba Kulkarni
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