[INDOLOGY] Lomasa rsi in a Himachali mahatmya?

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Vogel mentions the Māhātmya only in passing and gives no source:

"The same curious mixture of Hinduism and Lamaism as is found at 
Triloknāth in the Candrabhāga valley, is met with in Rawālsar, the 
famous tīrtha of Mandi, the hill-State stretching along the middle 
course of the Biās. Here in an absolutely Hindū country we find 
Padmasambhava, the founder of Buddhism in Tibet, worshipped not only by 
Lāmās who have their own Gan-pa here, but equally by Brāhmans, who call 
him Ṛṣi Lomaça and even possess a Māhātmya, in which the local legend is 
given in its Brāhmanic version." (p.39)


On 17.12.2023 10:47, Matthew Kapstein via INDOLOGY wrote:
> Dear Westin,
> I don't see any evidence for this being "often" mentioned. The source 
> appears to be a 1902 article on the Triloknath temple in HP: J. Ph. 
> Vpgel, Triloknath.” /JASB/ 71,1: 35-41.
> A brief Google search shows a number of articles on Triloknath in the 
> 120 years since Vogel wrote on it - I would suggest looking there. I 
> don't have the Vogel article, but the relevant passage is quoted in 
> Francke's Antiquities of Indian Tibet and it is clear that Vogel himself 
> never saw the MahAtmya in question - he states that he was told of it by 
> Brahmans visiting Rewalsar. This makes me a bit suspicious - a standard 
> response to an inquisitive stranger who wants to know more about a 
> pilgrimage site is "you'll have to look in the MahAtmya".....
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>> Greetings Indologists,
>> A friend off list asked me to post this question.
>> Studies of Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage practices in the Western 
>> Himalayas (from Vogel to Huber, etc.) often mention a local Sanskrit 
>> mahatmya (perhaps associated with Rewalsar?) containing stories of 
>> Lomasa Rsi said to resemble popular narratives of Guru Padmasambhava. 
>> However, I have not been able to identify the name of this mahatmya.
>> Does anyone know the name of this mahatmya?
>> Thank you.
>> (Sorry for lack of diacritics; I’m on a cell phone.)
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