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MW seems to have

1) यावत्
(p. 244 <https://dsal.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/app/macdonell_query.py?page=244>)

यावत् yāvat

यावत् yã-vat *rel. a. (with its following cor.* tãvat, so great *etc.*=) as
great, much, many, far, long, manifold, *or* frequent as: yâva*k k*arma dâru
 *k*a, (as much as=) nothing but skin and wood; yâvat tâvat, how much
soever; iti yâvat, as much as, that is to say *(frequent in commentators);
n.* yãvat, *indc.* as far, much, *or* often as, to what amount (*gnly. w.
following cor.* -tâvat, so far *etc.*); as long as, while; meanwhile, just (
*w.* 1 *prs. pr. or* 3 *impv., to denote an intended action*); till (*w.
pr., pot., ft., impf., aor., or ellipse of copula*); as soon as (*w. pr.,
pot., pf., aor., or ellipse of copula*): na yâvat – tâvat, scarcely – when,
no sooner – than; yâvan na, while not=till *(w. pr., pot., ft., impf., or
ellipse of copula); also*=if not, whether not; na pa- ram *or* kevalam –
yâvat, not only – but even; yãvad yâvat – tãvat tâvat, as gradually – so; *prp.
w. (gnly. preceding) ac.* during, for (*e.g. a year*); up to, as far as (*e.g.
one's house; sts. nm.*+iti *instead of ac.*); till (*e.g. the evening*): adya
yâvat, till to-day; *w. following ab.* till *(rare); in.* yâvatâ, as far
*or* long as; till (*pot.*); as soon as (*pr.*); inasmuch as, since; *w.*
na, while not=till; *lc.* yãvati, as far *or* as long as (*cor.* tâvati).


1) कियत्
(p. 573 <https://dsal.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/app/apte_query.py?page=573>)

कियत् kiyat *a.* [cf. किमिदंभ्यां वो घः P.V.2.40] (Nom. sing. कियान् *m.,*
कियती *f.,* कियत् *n.*) 1 How great, how far, how much, how many, of what
extent of qualities (having an interrogative force); कियान्कालस्तवैवं
स्थितस्य संजातः Pt.5; N.1.130; अयं भूतावासो विमृश कियतीं याति न दशाम्
 Śānti.1.25; ज्ञास्यसि कियद्भुजो मे रक्षति Ś.1.13; कियदवशिष्टं रजन्याः
Ś.4; गन्तव्यमस्ति
कियदित्यसकृद् ब्रुवाणा S. D. -2 Of what consideration, *i. e.* of no
account, worthless; राजेति कियती मात्रा Pt.1.40.; मातः कियन्तोऽरयः Ve.5.9.
-3 Some, a little; a small number, a few (having an indefinite force); निजहृदि
विकसन्तः सन्ति सन्तः कियन्तः Bh.2.78; त्वदभिसरणरभसेन वलन्ती पतति पदानि
कियन्ति चलन्ती Gīt.6. -Comp. -एतद् of what importance is this to; कियदेतद्धनं
पुंसः Ks.3.49. -एतिका effort, vigorous and persevering exertion. -कालम्
*ind.* 1 how long. -2 some little time. -चिरम् *ind.* how long; कियच्चिरं
श्राम्यसि गौरि Ku.5.50. -दूरम् *ind.* 1 how far, how distant, how
long; कियद्दूरे
स जलाशयः Pt.1; N.1.137. -2 for a short time, a little way. -मात्रः a
trifle, small matter; कियन्मात्रे कृतोऽनेन संरम्भोऽयं कियानिति Ks.65.139.

in mind while mentioning the phrase

*yāvantaḥ kiyantaḥ*. with the meaning "as many as "

Such expressions are used in contemporary north Indian languages to mean
some/indefinite number of entities or persons

It is not unusual to have such expressions meaning 'some/ indefinite number
of entities or persons' as the subject of a sentence.

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> Dear list members,
> In the *Āyāraṃgasutta* a phrase is found corresponding to Skt *yāvantaḥ
> kiyantaḥ*. MW gives as its meaning "as many as". I am not a native
> speaker of English, but as far as I know this phrase is specifically used
> with numbers ("as many as a hundred people ...). In the passage concerned
> there is no number. It functions as a subject to either a verb meaning
> "they commit violence" or nouns/adjectives like *araṃbhajīvī *and
> *pariggahāvaṃtī.*
> MW refers to *TBr*, without, however, a place or an example.
> I hope someone on the list can provide me with an (or the) example from
> the *TBr* or any other text.
> With kind regards, Herman
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