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Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder that the next lecture of our virtual event series,
“Emerging Scholars in Jain Studies,” will take place this Friday, *September
30, 2022, 9:00-10:30am PDT*. You can find more information about the
speaker *Dr. Adrian Plau* (Wellcome Collection) and the lecture below.

Register for the event here:


Best wishes,

Lynna Dhanani and Ana Bajzelj

*Collections and Communities*

In this talk, Dr. Adrian Plau will reflect on two themes that have
interlinked throughout his career and now are central to his work:
collections and communities. Drawing a line from his PhD project, which
focused on manuscripts accessed in Jain temple libraries across North
India, to his present role in the gallery, library, archive, and museum
(GLAM) sector where he is part of the management and cataloguing of
Wellcome Collection’s manuscript collections, he will situate these themes
in his ongoing Headley Fellowship with the Art Fund, which seeks to develop
a model for manuscript repatriation driven by collections information work
with Wellcome Collection’s Jain manuscripts.

*Dr. Adrian Plau* is Manuscript Collections Information Analyst at Wellcome
Collection, working particularly with making the Collection’s global
manuscripts more accessible and discoverable to wider audiences. As a
2018-2019 Wellcome Trust Research Bursary-holder, he led a project on
Wellcome Collection’s early Hindi medical manuscripts. His 2018 SOAS PhD
presented a critical edition and literary study of the Sitacarit, a
vernacular narrative of the seventeenth century that recounts the Ramayana
epic from Sita’s perspective. His research has featured in publications
such as Religions, Sikh Formations, and the Oxford History of Hinduism. He
is a contributor to Digital Orientalist and writes a monthly column on
Indian poetry for Asiapunkt. A 2022-23 recipient of the Headley Fellowship
with the Art Fund, he is currently building a model for responsible
repatriation of global manuscripts from GLAM institutions to source
communities based in London.
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