[INDOLOGY] Ligature/conjunct problem with Devanagari MT

Alex Watson alex.watson at ashoka.edu.in
Wed Sep 21 06:30:07 UTC 2022

Dear Colleagues

A question about XeLaTeX and the font Devanagari MT.

In order to produce Sanskrit editions in devanāgarī script with several
layers of apparatus, I use XeLaTeX.

My font of choice is Devanagari MT, but running XeLaTeX on an input file
that calls this font does not always produce good ligatures.  It sometimes
uses a virāma under the first consonant instead of joining it with the
subsequent one.

I have found, with help from Dominic Goodall, the XeTeXglyph numbers for
almost all of the problematic cases.  For example a correct devanāgarī ddva
is produced by typing \XeTeXglyph286.  But these are the remaining
problematic cases I have:


Would anyone happen to know what the XeTeXglyph numbers are for these?  Or
know how I could find out?

Alex Watson
Professor of Indian Philosophy
Ashoka University
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