[INDOLOGY] Meaning of "jagatiparvati" as a man made structure

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Hello Harry,

You've likely already looked at Nilakantha on that verse, assuming you are referring to CE 1.199.44b = Vulgate 1.207.46b. Note that the Vu has ajagatiparvata, goat-path mountains, which Nilakantha glosses as "artificial mountains for the purpose of the king's pleasure excursions" or something like that (ajagatiparvatair nṛpalīlāyātrārthaiḥ kṛtrimaiḥ parvataiḥ). Van Buitenen and Smith both seem to lean on this gloss since they respectively render their critical text jagatiparvata as "pleasure hillocks" and "pleasure-hills".

Just my two cents, I'd be curious to hear from others as well on that.


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Dear list members,
I was asked this question:
I came across the word ‘jagatiparvata’ in the Mahabharata. It appears in a description of gardens around the city of Indraprastha. The context indicates that it probably refers to some man made structure. I am trying to figure out what kind of structure it may be referring to. No luck so far. Would you know any expert on iconography or architecture who might be familiar with the ancient architectural design and/or terms ?  If so, could you please make an inquiry for me?

Any ideas?
Harry Spier
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