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Dániel Balogh danbalogh at gmail.com
Mon May 30 15:17:57 UTC 2022

Dear Jan,
I am not sure this is what you are after, but I am aware of the following
problems. I am not sure the Devanagari renderings I see on my screen will
be duplicated in this email, but I try to give illustrations. All of these
are on a Windows platform.
1. Some fonts that compose ligatures with a virāma incorrectly position a
short i attached to the conjunct. Thus, e.g., the conjunct dmi has a
"proper ligature" form in the font Arial Unicode MS and short i is attached
correctly before it, द्मि . The same conjunct does not have a precomposed
glyph in the font Mangal but uses a d with virāma, followed by mi, द्मि .
The expected form would be to have the dependent i before the d with
virāma. Interestingly, Arial Unicode MS renders correctly even when a
ligature involves a virāma, so dghri in that font has the i before the
whole thing, द्घ्रि , whereas Mangal of course puts the i after the
d+virāma, द्घ्रि . The positioning of superscript repha is also off in some
fonts when a conjunct with virāma is involved; thus, Mangal presents rddhi
as र्द्धि  (repha on d with virāma, followed by dhi). Interestingly (I've
just noticed this while testing combinations),  there is a partial problem
in Arial Unicode too. If I compose rdghri, then (at least in MS Word) it
appears with two rephas: one on द् and another on घ्र (with the short i
positioned correctly to the left of the whole).

2. Certain (most? all?) Adobe products fail completely at rendering
Devanagari ligatures. I am aware of this occurring (perhaps not in
identical ways) in InDesign and Photoshop. Conjuncts get split into
consonant+virāma combinations; thus, e.g. dghra renders as द् घ् र (without
the spaces). Moreover, short i is rendered at its logical position rather
than where it ought to be, so in dghri, the short i marker *follows* the
above sequence, attached to thin air.

All the best,

On Mon, 30 May 2022 at 15:44, Jan Kučera <jan.kucera at matfyz.cz> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am doing a review of Indic scripts rendering mechanisms, and I would be
> interested if anyone had issues that they had run into during their work.
> Examples I am aware of include Vedic signs not working on anusvara, nuktas
> not working on vowels and similar.
> If any of you had troubles getting any of the Indic scripts behave on
> computers the way you wanted, feel free to reach out to me with details
> offline.
> Thank you and best regards,
> Jan
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