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please take a view at PrakritProperNames: "prādhunika is due to lipidoṣa"



Am 20.05.2022 um 13:20 schrieb Martin Gansten via INDOLOGY:
> I'm sorry to harp on about this, but perhaps I was too hasty when I wrote:
>> It is, of course, entirely possible that someone at some point 
>> misread prāghuṇika as prādyuṇika (though it would have to have been 
>> someone ignorant of the former word, like myself) and that the 
>> mistake was then copied [...] it is possible that the mystery word 
>> should not mean 'frequent' after all, but rather the next thing 
>> discussed, _which would be someone dear or connected to the querent. 
>> But I can't see prāghuṇika fitting that sense either, at least not 
>> from its etymology_. 
> I see now that Turner actually suggests prāhuṇa to be the more 
> correct/original form, related to the idea of hospitality, with the 
> -gh- being a result of influence from a different root. That does seem 
> to increase the probability of prāghuṇaka/-ika being the original word 
> after all, used in the sense of 'someone welcome' rather than just 
> 'wanderer' or (as MW suggests) 'one who goes forth deviously' (!). If 
> so, the word must then have been misread as prādyuṇika and eventually 
> deteriorated into prāyaṇika, etc.
> This solution seems attractive, but it does presuppose that Turner is 
> right about the word having connotations of welcome, hospitality and 
> even kinship (vernacular meanings include 'bridegroom' and 'daughter's 
> husband'). Romain Garnier, in a paper published in JAOS 133.1, seems 
> to think so: '[...] /prāhuṇa- /et /prāhuṇaka-/. Ces deux dernières 
> formes sont assurément les meilleures [...]'. The solution also seems 
> to suggest that the word was unusual enough not to be understood by 
> the copyists, at least in some regions.
> Best wishes,
> Martin
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