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Please don't mind the self promotion, however, I'd like to share my latest
‘Sanskrit-Speaking’ Villages, Faith-Based Development and the Indian Census

Over three sections, the 2001 and 2011 Indian censuses are scrutinised to
locate, down to the sub‑district administrative and village levels, where
L1‑L3 (first to third language) Sanskrit tokens were returned during census
enumeration. First, there is a theo‑political discussion of Sanskrit’s
imaginative power for faith‑based development. This includes a discussion
on how ‘Sanskrit‑speaking’ villages signify an ambition toward cultural
renaissance. Next, Sanskrit’s national‑level enumeration is discussed.
Finally, closer scrutiny is paid to the top four states (Maharashtra,
Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh). On average, more Sanskrit tokens
were returned by men than women; 92% of L2‑Sanskrit tokens are linked to
L1‑Hindi; most L1‑L3‑Sanskrit tokens cluster with Hindi, English, and/or
the State Official Language; most Sanskrit tokens are Urban, as opposed to
Rural; and most tokens are found across the Hindi Belt of north India.




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> […]
> Ultimately, it seems better to not think of the Sanskrit tokens as
> relating 1:1 with "Sanskrit speakers", but, rather, with "people who
> identify as speakers of Sanskrit".
> I know of at least one illustration of this: a highly learned brahmin
> gentleman (double PhD in widely different subjects and a high-ranking
> public official in again an entirely different field) and Kannada poet whom
> I knew in Mysore was said to have told the census reporters that his family
> was Sanskrit-speaking. I then asked him about this, and he confirmed the
> rumour. "But why? That's just not true. I know you speak Tamil at home," I
> asked. He replied: "Of course we speak Tamil, and Kannada, and English too.
> But also Sanskrit, and I want Sanskrit to be included in the census
> reports." (His active mastery of Sanskrit was indeed impressive.)
> RZ
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