[INDOLOGY] Prādyuṇaka/-ika

Martin Gansten martingansten at gmail.com
Fri May 20 07:21:25 UTC 2022

Thank you for taking an interest in this, Madhav. Yes, there are several 
instances of both characters. Here is another one of द्य :

And here is one of घ :

It is, of course, entirely possible that someone at some point misread 
prāghuṇika as prādyuṇika (though it would have to have been someone 
ignorant of the former word, like myself) and that the mistake was then 
copied. The problem is, as I said before, that 'guest' doesn't really 
fit the context anyway.

Because the Sanskrit text is a very condensed rendering of the Arabic 
original, it is possible that the mystery word should not mean 
'frequent' after all, but rather the next thing discussed, which would 
be someone dear or connected to the querent. But I can't see prāghuṇika 
fitting that sense either, at least not from its etymology. Some printed 
editions that quote this verse give the word in question as prāyaṇika, 
but I'm not sure that helps (although I see that prāya- can have the 
sense 'common, ordinary'), and is does look suspiciously like a lectio 
simplicior, or at least like a corruption.

Best wishes,

Den 2022-05-20 kl. 00:54, skrev Madhav Deshpande:
> Does the scribe use घ and द्य in different places, so you can compare?
> Madhav

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