[INDOLOGY] Tamil initial vowels with vowel signs

Jan Kučera jan.kucera at matfyz.cz
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Thank you both!


Yes an alternative spelling of long vowels, such as அ+ா instead of ஆ would be an example. Other situations I could envision why that would happen could be to express even-longer-than-long vowels, like ஆ+ா, or alternative spellings of diphthongs or diphthongs that do not exist Tamil. I have not seen these myself but wanted to check with others.


In fact I am interested in any cases where the initial vowel would take any mark - how about pulli on vowels? 


I am imagining not everyone is adhering to the Tolkāppiyam rules, be it either modern usage, transliteration of other languages, or manipravalam texts. 


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Dear Jan,

Do you mean அ+ா  instead of ஆ at the initial position?

Best regards.
A. Murugaiyan


Le 19/05/2022 à 12:22, Jan Kučera a écrit :

Dear all,


has anyone come across a Tamil orthography where a vowel sign would be attached to an initial vowel, presumably most likely it would be A or AA, e.g. ஆா?


Thank you and best regards,


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