[INDOLOGY] Mahābhārata fragments from the environs of Mirān?

DIEGO LOUKOTA SANCLEMENTE diegoloukota at ucla.edu
Thu May 12 22:02:33 UTC 2022

  Dear all,

  The well-known author and historian William Dalrymple (also in this
list?) had today on Twitter a good thread on the Mīrān frescoes (
https://twitter.com/DalrympleWill/status/1524612464054202368), in which he
states that the Mīrān monastery "was founded c400 CE near the spot where
some of the very earliest surviving fragments of the text of the Mahabharat
were recently dug up." I am aware of tablet *KI *523 (
https://gandhari.org/catalog?itemID=1672), which—if I recall
correctly—loosely parallels a passage of the *Śāntiparvan*, and also
of the *parvan
*list in the so-called Spitzer manuscript from Kizil, but that's it.
  I asked for a reference on Twitter, but I haven't had an answer so far.
Is anyone aware of "earliest surviving fragments of the text of the
*Mahābhārata* recently dug up" in the Tarim Basin?



  Diego Loukota Sanclemente

  Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA
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  loukota at humnet.ucla.edu

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