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Thank you all for the wealth of information. the e-version of Schlingloff's book (the English translation) is accessible through the university library. I will start with that one.
Once again, thank you all very much for the quick reactions

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Dear Herman,

If besides the epics you are interested in the Puranas and Arthasastra:

Losch, Hans, 1959. Rājadharma: Einsetzung und Aufgabenkreis des Königs im Lichte des Purāṇa's. (Bonner Orientalistische Studien, NS 8.) Bonn: Selbstverlag des Orientalischen Seminars der Universität Bonn. xi, 397 pp.
B. Die Aufgaben des Königs. 3. Anlage einer Festung und die damit verknüpften Aufgaben (pp. 69-76).

Schilanglauf, Dieter, 1967. Arthaśāstra-Studien II. Die Anlage einer Festung (durgavidhAna). Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde Süd- und Ostasiens 11: 44-85.

Schlingloff, Dieter, 2013. Fortified cities in ancient India: A comparative study. Anthem.

There are many books on forts in India, but they probably do contain references to ancient texts. You might be interested in the works of Jean Deloche, who has focused on Tamil and Andhra fortresses:

 Deloche, Jean, 2000. Senji (Ginji): Ville fortifié du pays tamoul*. Pondichéry. x, 392 pp. Pb INR 1800.

 Deloche, Jean, 2005. Senji (Ginji): A fortified city in the Tamil country.

Deloche, Jean, 2007. Studies on fortification in India.

Deloche, Jean, 2009. Four forts of the Deccan. (Collection Indologie, no. 111.) Pondichéry: IFP / EFEO. 206 pp., ill. INR 1000.
This book presents four significant fortifications of South India, each of which furnishes evidence of the excellence of the military technology developed in the Deccan between the 13th and 18th centuries. They have been selected for very specific reasons:
Daulatabad, because the successive periods of building of this most amazing fortified town can be observed from the Yadavas to the Nizam Shahis, i.e. from the 13th to the 17th century;
Mudugal, because, in this place contested for centuries by Hindu and Muslim rulers, we can fully document the manner in which the Adil Shahis of Bijapur restored the old fort with innovative defence works between the middle of the 16th and the end of the 17th century;
Gandikota, because there are anomalies that have to be explained about this wonderfully picturesque site, particularly in the layout of the walls and in the form of the flanks built by the Muslims in the second half of the 17th century; finally,
Gutti, because this stronghold, reputed for its perennial water resources and renovated with works influenced by European designs in the second half of the 18th century, represents the last phase in the history of Indian fortification before the British period.

Deloche, Jean, 2013. Ancient fortifications of the Tamil country as recorded in eighteenth century French plans. (Collection Indologie 120.) Pondicherry: Institut Francais de Pondichery. 28 cm, viii, 140 pp., full of col. & bw ill., bibl., index. Pb 14 USD. ISBN 978-81-84701937.

With best wishes, Asko

Asko Parpola
Professor emeritus of Indology and South Asian Studies
University of Helsinki, Finland

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Dear List members,
In an article I am writing I want to refer to descriptions of fortified towns in the epics. The only publication specifically dealing with such descriptions that I know of and have at home is J.K. de Cock, Eene oudindsiche stad volgens het epos (Groningen 1899). .I do not think that a reference to this book is useful in an English publication. Are there other books or articles about descriptions (not archaeological finds) of fortified towns in the epics (Shonaleeka Kaul deals mainly with Kāvya)?
With kind regards, Herman

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