[INDOLOGY] Pūjyam as a euphemism for śūnyam

Suresh Kolichala suresh.kolichala at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 15:54:52 UTC 2022

In the South Indian languages (including Marathi), the word  पूज्य (pūjya)
is used to mean zero, nothingness. Is there any evidence of such usage in
Sanskrit texts?

I notice that Marathi dictionaries also give a similar meaning:

पूज्य *pūjya* —न. १ शून्य; टिंब.'विद्येच्या नांवानें पूज्य.' [सं.]
(Date, Yasavanta Ramakrshna. Maharashtra śabdakosa)

My question is whether such usage is limited only to the South Indian
languages or is it found in other languages too. It would be interesting if
there are Sanskrit, Prakrit or Pali texts with such usage.

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