[INDOLOGY] Bhāṣā Vaṃśāvalī

Samuel Grimes grimessm at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 15:53:38 UTC 2022

Dear list members,
Might someone have a digital copy of the Sanskrit-Nepali chronicle Bhāṣā
Vaṃśāvalī? The citation is here.

Paudel, Nayanath and Devi Prasad Lamshal (eds.) *Bhāṣā Vaṃśāvalī*.
Kathmandu: Rāṣtriya Pustakālaya. 2 vols. V.S. 2020 and 2023.

(Pauḍel ed. Vol. 1, 1965; Laṃsāl ed. Vol. 2, 1968)

Thank you in advance,

Sam Grimes
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