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Reich, James David jreich at pace.edu
Wed Jan 5 00:57:41 UTC 2022

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for a complete copy of the Sragdharā-stotram; or, A hymn to Tārā in Sragdharā Metre? edited by S.C. Vidyabhusana. The version that is available at archive.org (https://archive.org/details/sragdharastotram00sarvuoft/page/n3/mode/2up?) is missing page 1, which includes the Sanskrit of verse 1 and the opening of the Sanskrit commentary. The Rare Book Society of India seems to have the same copy. Does anyone happen to have a complete scan that they would be willing to share? Other editions would also be welcome, although I am interested in the commentary too, if possible.


James Reich
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