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Searching the copy of the archives I made this is what I found:
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> There is, of course Roger Zelazny?s 1967 Scifi novel, *Lord of Light *and,
> perhaps tangentially, there is the 2016 sci-fi film ?Arrival?in which  the
> actress Amy Adams plays an expert linguist and translator, Louise, who,
> because of her earlier assistance to the military with a translation from
> Farsi, is recruited by an army colonel to decipher the language of some
> extra-terrestrial visitors. When asked about other experts who might help,
> she says of a colleague at Berkeley, ?Ask him the Sanskrit word for ?war,?
> and its translation.? When the colonel reappears, he says the other
> linguist said ?gavisti? means ?an argument,? whereas Louise translates the
> same word as ?a desire for more cows.?
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Strictly speaking, as Antonia pointed out already, yuddha and yudh mean
both "battle" and not "war", unless we'd like to take them as a synecdoche,
so I don't think they apply in the case of the scene in Arrival. When I
watched it, my first impression of the scene in which the linguist Louise
Banks says that gavisti means desire for cows was that she was trying to
make precisely the point that Antonia made in her tweet. I don't think the
meaning of the whole scene is that if you know the Sanskrit word for war
you are a better linguist, it is more about how you should think about
language. On the other hand, I might be reading too much into it.
Sincerely yours,
Simon Moon

Harry Spier

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> I recall that there was discussion here on INDOLOGY of this term at the
> time that the film Arrival came out (in which the term plays an important
> role).  I'm sorry that the search function of the INDOLOGY archives is
> still not working as well as it should, but perhaps someone with a
> collection of past emails can fetch the discussion.
> Best,
> Dominik
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