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In Mahabharata's Adiparva, Sambhavaparva, Shakuntalopaakhyaanam Chapter 64,

Kanva's Ashrama  as entered by Dushyanta is described.

There we have,

*तत्र व्यालमृगान्सौम्यान्पश्यन्प्रीतिमवाप सः ||१८||*

Translating/transcreating this part of Mahabharata, the 11th century Telugu
poet Nannaya gives a detailed description of sahavaasa of
sahajavairi animals in that Aashrama.

" Elephants that stood engrossed in hearing the ear-comforting Saamagaanas
by the parrots. Lions that rested below
the trunks of these elephants enjoying the cooling the shower from the
mouths of the elephants. Cats and mice
that were playing with each other while eating the rice bowls placed there
as bhuutabali by the sages performing their daily
havanakaarya. Dushyanta, looking at this power of (Ahimsaa ) of Kanva,
Dushyanta ......... "

On Mon, Dec 26, 2022 at 9:34 AM Jan E.M. Houben <jemhouben at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear All,
> According to Yoga-sūtra 2.35, अहिंसाप्रतिष्ठायां, तत्सन्निधौ वैरत्यागः ।
> which apparently means that when someone is thoroughly established in
> non-violence, (mutual) enmity disappears in his environment.
> Commentaries and references given for aphorism and referred to for
> instance in James Wood’s translation emphasize that in this situation
> *even* wild animals, no more attack their prey. An example is Kirāṭārjunīya
> 2.55 (meter viyoginī): Vyāsa is looked at by Yudhiṣṭhira:
> madhurair avaśāni lambhayann   api tiryañci śamaṃ nirīkṣitaiḥ  /
> paritaḥ paṭu bibhrad enasāṃ   dahanaṃ dhāma vilokanakṣamam  //
> “Calming even wild animals by his gentle looks, spreading a blazing
> radiance around which burns away guilt, (but which yet) can be gazed at
> (the sage, i.e., Vyāsa son of Parāśara, was seen by the king, Yudhiṣṭhira)”
> (tr. following Roodbergen 1984, p. 143; cp. also Raghuvaṁśa 13.50, 14.79.)
> Are any more convincing stories or anecdotes known in Sanskrit literature,
> in which the peace-creating influence suggested in YS 2.35 inspires animals
> or *even* humans to behave in a more peaceful way ?
> With best wishes for a Peaceful Christmas New Year to all:
> शान्ते !  ऽस्मिन् लोक एधस्व   विद्यातः प्रेमतस्तथा ।
> तव भक्तजनानां च  कल्याणमस्तु सर्वदा ॥
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