[INDOLOGY] Rule selection in the Aṣṭādhyāyī (vipratiṣedha, paratva, etc.)

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Thanks Peter for a comprehensive review.


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> Dear Madhav, Sharon, and other colleagues,
> I believe that rather than responding to social media, public news
> announcements, and wild claims made therein, the most responsible way to
> respond to the claims that Dr. Rajpopat made in his dissertation is to read
> the dissertation and write a comprehensive review of it.  I have done so in
> the first PDF attached to this email.  I include there a bibliography of
> work that I and a few others have done on rule selection and conflict
> resolution as well as formalization of the *Aṣṭādhyāyī*.  I attach PDFs
> of several of these papers to this email as well.
> While the wild claims and inordinate attention that Rajpopat’s work has
> drawn in the past couple of weeks may be irritating to many, it has also
> drawn attention to the fascinating issues involved in
> understanding Pāṇini’s linguistic treatise and its tradition.  We would
> like to invite those who are interested in learning about the Pāṇinian
> tradition to join Dr. Tanuja Ajotikar’s course, “Introduction to the
> Pāṇinian tradition” taught online through The Sanskrit Library.  A
> description of the course can be found on The Sanskrit Library website
> (sanskritlibrary dot org) under “Courses” and from there under “Continuing
> education courses”.  Dr. Ajotikar also teaches a course “Readings in the
> सिद्धान्तकौमुदी described under “University equivalent courses”.  These
> courses will be offered again beginning 21 January.
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