[INDOLOGY] Latest issue of the Journal of Gandhāran Buddhist Texts

DIEGO LOUKOTA SANCLEMENTE diegoloukota at ucla.edu
Mon Dec 12 19:52:25 UTC 2022

  Dear all,

  I congratulate the authors on this useful publication, but would like to
add a small mini op-ed of sorts.
  Young and small as the field of Gandhāran studies is, it has been crucial
for indology and buddhology in the last few years on account of its
paradigm-shifting discoveries. Gandhāra has elicited interest even among a
general public in recent years and shows great promise as a field of
  What exactly is then the point of sprouting many alternate versions of
the features that Stefan Baums and Andrew Glass' online repository,
gandhari.org, has been offering, to great benefit of our community, already
for more than a decade? Certain features in this new presentation of the
text such as the *chāyā*, the English translation, and the gloss of certain
technical terms are extremely useful, but wouldn't the most fruitful course
of action be to incorporate these features to the gandhari.org entry (
https://gandhari.org/corpus/ckm0244), which has been in place since 2016?
  My point is only an invitation to collegiality and to collaboration. It
would be a pity if our collective effort to unveil the rich treasures of
Buddhist Gandhāra was splintered rather than sharpened by our individual

  *namaḱaro karemi*,


  Diego Loukota Sanclemente

  Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, UCLA
  +1 424 365 0140
  loukota at humnet.ucla.edu

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> Dear list members,
> The latest issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Gandhāran Buddhist Texts
> <https://openjournals.library.sydney.edu.au/JGBT/index> has just been
> released, representing a fully interactive digital edition of a Gāndhārī
> version of the Pali Cūḷagosiṅga-sutta, RS12 of the Robert Senior collection
> of Kharoṣṭhī manuscripts:
> “RS12.01 Gos̱iga Sutra,” edited by Blair Silverlock, Mark Allon, and
> Michael Skinner:
> https://gandhari-texts.sydney.edu.au/edition/gos%cc%b1iga-sutra/
> Respectfully,
> Editors: Mark Allon, Paul Harrison, Richard Salomon
> Management Board: Andrew Glass, Stephanie Majcher, Joe Marino, Ian McCrabb
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