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Dear Friends,

In July this year, I was awarded a 1-yr fellowship to complete a monograph
(about 50% complete). I was meant to start in September at one university
which was going to host me, however the bureaucracy there has yet to figure
out the simple paperwork to get it going. As we march into 2023, it doesn't
appear that I will get to start this in 2022...

This lag is too much. Therefore, in discussion with the funding body, I'm
attempting to find a new host and institution. The only catch is that the
university has to be within the EU. I'm currently in Japan and would likely
not come for the entire duration due to my commitments here. Though
wherever this lands I would like to come and spend a few months at least.
If you'd have me for that long.

The project is a combination of philology, archaeology, art history, and
historical sociology/cultural economy. It considers outcast guilds of
street performing wrestler-acrobats and pole dancers and the circuits they
travelled across south Asia, including being employed as entertainers in
royal courts and merchant's houses and their involvement in the
transportation of goods, people, and information.

This project is a branch of a much larger agenda that spreads across from
about 2400 bce to about the 20th century ce. Though, for this part of the
research, the main focal period will be between 800ce to 1600ce. The two
principal texts I've been working with are the Mānasollāsa and the
Mallapurāṇa. Though there are a lot of Buddhist texts that I've read too,
since they were steeped in mercantilism.

It would be great to have a host who is an expert or at least interested in
art historical matters related to the Ragamala, Kalicut, and Thanjavur
styles of art, and/or someone interested in physical culture/martial
arts/performance, and/or ancient trade routes and merchant trading

I'm particularly focused on analysing the representations of wrestlers and
acrobats, especially in relation to pole dancing and rope-walking.
Ultimately, this project is about tracing the origins of 'pole yoga' or
mallakhamb (the wrestler's pole).

I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me off list if you'd
like to discuss this further.

All the best,

Patrick McCartney, PhD
ISRF Fellow
Adjunct Lecturer - CIEE, Kyoto, Japan
Adjunct Lecturer - Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
Research Associate - Nanzan University Anthropological Institute, Nagoya,
Visiting Fellow - South and South-east Asian Studies Department, Australian
National University
Member - South Asia Research Institute (SARI), Australian National

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*bodhapūrvam calema* ;-)
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