[INDOLOGY] Beginning Marathi by Suhasini Laddu and other textbooks of Marathi

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
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Hello Tyler,

There is an introductory textbook for Marathi by Franklin Southworth and
Naresh Kavadi published by the University of Pennsylvania Press:
"First-Year Intensive Course, Spoken Marathi," 1965, 1968.

Several volumes published by Maxine Berntsen and Jai Nimbkar: 1) A Marathi
Reference Grammar, 2) An Intermediate Marathi Reader, Part I, II, 3) An
Advanced Marathi Reader, Part I, II. All of these are published by the
Department of South Asia Regional Studies, University of Pennsylvania,

I have Suhasini Laddu's "Beginning Marathi, Part I: Reader, but it is a
very short 48 page booklet. Useful as it is, I would recommend that you
look at the books I have listed above. They give better coverage of Marathi
grammar and reading materials. There is a book published by the Government
of Maharashtra with a title like "Marathi, Rajabhasha Parichaya." I may
have a pdf of it. If I find it, I can send it to you.

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> Hi list members,
> I was listening to Antonia's interview of Dominik on the Sanskrit Studies
> podcast (much enjoyed by the way!), and Dominik mentioned a Marathi text
> book, which I think I narrowed down to Beginning Marathi by Suhasini Laddu
> (1978, Pune). I was curious to see it, but I don't find any used copies
> floating around, and according to WorldCat, the only library copy in North
> America is in UPenn. Would anyone have a soft copy of it?
> Alternatively, would anyone be able to recommend any other good Marathi
> textbooks? So far I've gotten the most benefit from Marathi Reading Course
> by I.M.P. Raeside and B.V. Nemade (1990, SOAS), but I'm curious for more.
> Kind regards
> Tyler
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