[INDOLOGY] Epic and Puranic Bibliography Online and the epithet Kr̥ṣṇadvaipāyana

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Dear Arlo,

     As I understand it, kr̥ṣṇa-dvaipāyana is a compound of two words,
kr̥ṣṇa and dvaipāyana. He is called dvaipāyana, since he was born on a
dvīpa "island" in the Ganges from the union of the sage Parāśara and
Matsyagandhā. The word dvaipāyana has the Vr̥ddhi of the first syllable as
one sees in many Taddhita formations. It then gets connected to the word
kr̥ṣṇa as two adjectives forming a compound. That is why we do not see the
Vr̥ddhi in the word kr̥ṣṇa.
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> Colleagues,
> Can somebody please point me to the web address for the EPB online? The
> link at <http://www.indologie.uni-goettingen.de/index.php?id=120> is
> defunct.
> Related to this, I am curious why Vyāsa has the epithet Kr̥ṣṇadvaipāyana
> (and why application of grammatical rules doesn't lead to Kārṣṇadvīpāyana).
> Thanks, and best wishes,
> Arlo Griffiths
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