[INDOLOGY] seminar and release of Viṣṇvarcanā 29.4.22 Udupi

Acharya Veeranarayana Pandurangi dharmayuddha2017 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 06:55:25 UTC 2022

सर्वेभ्यो नमः

I request you all to kindly attend (if anyone happens to be in Udupi on
this date) this seminar and  release of my Viṣṇvarcanā commentary on
Rgveda. Now
Part 1 which consists of Introduction and Commentary of first five suktas
and Part 2 Viṣṇvarcanāsahitāni Puruṣa-Viṣṇusūktāni (Viṣṇvarcanā on
Purusasukta and All Visnusuktas of Rgveda) are being made available to

subsequent volumes will follow.

This new commentary aims to analyse the Rgveda in the context of vedic and
allied literature.

“इतिहासपुराणाभ्यां वेदं समुपबृंहयेत्।

बिभेत्यल्पश्रुताद्वेदो मामयं प्रचलिष्यति" is the theme.

*आचार्य वीरनारायण एन्. के पाण्डुरङ्गी*

*Professor Veeranarayana N K Pandurangi*
Professor of Vedanta and Indian Philosophies
Dean of Vedanta Faculty,
Karnataka Samskrit University, Pampa Mahakavi Road, Chamrajpet,
Bengaluru 560018
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