[INDOLOGY] 11th India Studies Webinar (Prof. Vinay Lal, Apr 26th, 10am IST Gandhi & Gender of Fasting)

Professor Pankaj Jain पंकज जैन, Ph.D. pankajaindia at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 12:26:03 UTC 2022

Can the tradition of fasting have any relation to the genders at large?

> Whenever we think of the tradition of fasting, we are reminded of Mahatma
> Gandhi, the modern master of fasting who gained attention through his 15
> odd major public fasts.
> Join Prof. Vinay Lal of the UCLA in his webinar on *“Gandhi and the
> gender of fasting”*, where he discusses how Gandhi’s refusal of being
> bound by the general and rigid ethics, sociology, and philosophy
> surrounding the tradition of fasting led to radicalization and feminization
> of public sphere.
> Click on the link to join - https://flameuniversity.zoom.us/j/98889306362
> <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fflameuniversity.zoom.us%2Fj%2F98889306362%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0YOVRvcTAXLK0hFf9jKNxAi_UMMiipBj8A77KUG6g9GFe9HXpwW9dAQ0M&h=AT0jiD97Y3tHOrxg-NLnmvpxwgYgQoA96r4lmfzCTQVN7Z_-V8KghKuVK_cnWu9pFygyO7r4nVY5_Zffi0q4-tCRejP1jGvylViAwxoRqv08Vh5CW1YvISxeJdCmanBB8w&__tn__=-UK-R&c[0]=AT3IRBy4smd6L8zGrQRLrhTV6psqu0W_fgk5Bm_RC2fpSRhWCDIQdIne-1woCy1nMfSoUCckb66xrjpPegu_xHdQpO0OKpXK3QYjrAG8fAiAWdyA1ZLgOVtZQD1yegTk_R15wmfHN8Gv_-_9WYMHVeYbEHP7D9xkIa-HGhY5g_Ogg_w>
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