[INDOLOGY] Online Course on 'The Advaita Vedanta Tradition and the Possibilities for a Hindu Theology of Liberation', IIT Tirupati

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Dear list members,

On behalf of colleagues and professors at IIT Tirupati, please find 
below some information about an upcoming online course and the extended 
deadline for registration (if interested, please consult the link with 
the pdf for a complete description of the course).

"An online GIAN course on the theme *‘The Advaita Vedanta Tradition and 
the Possibilities for a Hindu Theology of Liberation’*is organised by 
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, *Indian Institute of 
Technology Tirupati* (India)| April  25- 29, 2022

The Advaita Vedanta tradition is traditionally understood as concerned 
with liberation (mokṣa) and not with issues of injustice in this world. 
The latter is the concern of liberation theology. Some Advaita 
interpreters minimize the significance of the world by suggesting that 
the knowledge of brahman requires and results in the disappearance of 
the world of diversity. The world is likened to a sense-illusion that we 
conjure and experience because of our ignorance. When the reality of the 
world is denied in this manner, it is not consistent for one to be 
affected by events within it. To respond the world is to grant reality 
to the world; it is to treat as real that which does not, in reality, 
exist. Interpretations like these provide justification for 
world-renunciation rather than world-affirmation, and have been most 
strongly and clearly articulated in the many of the monastic and ascetic 
strands of the tradition. Taken to their extremes, these interpretations 
make it difficult to take the world and its issues seriously.

*Teaching faculty*: *Anantanand Rambachan *is Professor of Religion at 
Saint Olaf College, Minnesota. He was also Visiting Professor at the 
Academy for the Study of World Religions at the University of Hamburg in 
Germany (2013-2017). His books include: Accomplishing the Accomplished: 
The Vedas as a Source of Valid Knowledge in Shankara, The Limits of 
Scripture: Vivekananda's Reinterpretation of the Authority of the Vedas, 
The Advaita Worldview: God, World and Humanity, A Hindu Theology of 
Liberation and Essays in Hindu Theology. His scholarly interests 
include: the Advaita (Non-dual) Vedanta tradition, Hindu ethics, 
liberation theology, and interreligous dialogue.

*Course description and objectives:*


*Registration *

The participation fee for taking this online course is as follows:

  * Students: Rs 500/-
  * Faculty members: Rs 1000/
  * Participants from abroad: US $ 50


  * Interested candidates can fill the google form
  * Last date for receipt of applications: 24 th April 2022.
  * Shortlisted candidates will be intimated by e-mail for registration."

Best regards,

Elise Coquereau-Saouma
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