[INDOLOGY] New Book: Resisting and justifying changes

Bruno Lo Turco bruno.loturco at uniroma1.it
Thu Apr 21 15:12:17 UTC 2022

Dear Colleagues,

With apologies for cross-posting and partial self-promotion, please allow
me to
announce the publication of a book edited by Elisabetta Poddighe and
Tiziana Pontillo:
*Resisting and justifying changes: how to make the new acceptable in the
Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern world*, Pisa: Pisa University Press,
2021 (Nuova biblioteca di studi classici e orientali 5).

The articles are divided into three sections:
A. Ancient India
B. Ancient Greece
C. Medieval and Early Modern Italy.

Four articles in the first section:
- Maria Piera Candotti, Chiara Neri, Tiziana Pontillo
*Vedic *dákṣiṇā*/Pāli *dakkhiṇā
*. Recovering an original notionbehind the later institutional gift*
- Frank Köhler
*Some difficulties in finding traces of a *Vrātya* culture*
- Bruno Lo Turco
*The word that ceases to escape. Affirmation of writing and
reinterpretation of the Vedic tradition*
- Paola M. Rossi
*The *Jaiminīya-Brāhmaṇa* between tradition and innovation. The case of the
textualization of the *Mahāvrata* rite and the legitimization of the
Brahmanical ritualism*

Best wishes,
Bruno Lo Turco
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