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Fri Apr 15 03:23:56 UTC 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The Sanskrit Library would like to announce its intensive summer Introductory Sanskrit courses using on-line interactive exercises that offer immediate feedback at every step of learning Sanskrit.  This just-in-time learning platform eliminates the difficulty and frustration of learning this difficult highly-inflected, morphologically rich ancient language.  Every step of analyzing a Sanskrit sentence presents challenges: transliteration into a Romanization, analysis of inter-word phonetic changes, morphological identification of nominal and verbal speech forms, analysis of syntax, and translation.  Rather than repeating mistakes numerous times while working through a set of exercises to turn in at class time, one’s answer at each step gets evaluated immediately.  Problems are highlighted and links presented to help pages.  In this way a student can correct any error immediately, learn from the mistake and progress in knowledge even while completing the exercise set even before meeting the instructor where finer points can then be discussed.  This innovative just-in-time on-line interactive exercise platform promises to revolutionize Sanskrit language learning and has already proven spectacular results with this past year’s students.  Take a look at a few images of our on-line course platform at these links:
Welcome https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe1welcome.png <https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe1welcome.png>
Transliteration https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe2translitempty.png <https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe2translitempty.png>
Transliteration error flagging https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe3transliterrors.png <https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe3transliterrors.png>
Sandhi error flagging https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe7sandhierrors.png <https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe7sandhierrors.png>
Morphological identification https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe4identerrors.png <https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe4identerrors.png>
Translation assistance https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe5translation.png <https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses/sbeimages/sbe5translation.png>
We’ll be holding an open house about the course where we will demonstrate the just-in-time learning platform via a Zoom meeting on 3 May 2022 at 11:30am U.S. Central Time.  Please email me in advance if you would like to join the meeting.

Please see our current courses page (https://sanskritlibrary.org/coursesnow.html <https://sanskritlibrary.org/coursesnow.html>) for descriptions, faculty, syllabi, and registration, and our general courses pages for information about other up-coming courses (https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses.html <https://sanskritlibrary.org/courses.html>).


Peter M. Scharf, President
The Sanskrit Library
scharf at sanskritlibrary.org
Peter Scharf
scharfpm7 at gmail.com

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