[INDOLOGY] NGMCP images and copyright law

Michaels, Prof. Dr. Axel michaels at hcts.uni-heidelberg.de
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As far as I know, National Archives Nepal does not allow the NGMPP microfilms or any scans  from manuscripts or documents to go online. The reason ist the same as Jonathan mentioned: they want to make money. The situation is terribly complicated and many colleagues have suffered from it. However, you can always ask for a permission to publish the copies, and the South Asia Institute branch office of Heidelberg University in Patan is ready to give you assistance: see here: https://www.sai.uni-heidelberg.de/kathmandu/

What we do in our project on cataloguing and editing  historical documents from the NGMPP collection (https://abhilekha.adw.uni-heidelberg.de; https://nepalica.hadw-bw.de/nepal/catitems/searchpage but unfortunately today not reachable due to maitenance work), we publish images under a special agreement with a low resolution .




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Dear list members,
Does anyone know, if according to international copyright law, the manuscript images of the  NGMCP (Nepal German Manuscript Cataloguing project) will eventually go into public domain. And if so, when.  Or do the agreements signed between the project and the Nepal government supercede this, and the Nepal government has copyright for the images forever.
Harry Spier
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