[INDOLOGY] Indian linguistic studies in honor of George Cardona

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Mon Apr 4 17:19:42 UTC 2022

Dear Colleagues,
	The Sanskrit Library has just published two volumes I edited consisting of 37 papers on linguistics and related disciplines in honor of Professor George Cardona.  The first volume contains 18 papers on Indian grammatical traditions (vyākaraṇa) and cognitive linguistics (śābdabodha).  The second volume contains 19 papers on archaeology, historical linguistics, Vedic, philosophy and critical editing.  The papers, by prominent scholars world-wide, make essential contributions to these fields.  Many of the papers make ground-breaking or critical contributions.  The Sanskrit Library publications page

https://sanskritlibrary.org/publications.html <https://sanskritlibrary.org/publications.html>

contains links to my page at Lulu which I include here as well:

https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/scharf <https://www.lulu.com/spotlight/scharf>

where links to full descriptions of each volume with lists of the contributors and paper titles are provided.

Now through April 8th, Lulu is offering 15% off.
Use code COOKBOOK15

Please consider acquiring these volumes for yourself or your institution’s library.


Peter Scharf
scharfpm7 at gmail.com
Peter M. Scharf, President
The Sanskrit Library
scharf at sanskritlibrary.org

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