[INDOLOGY] Next (4th) India Studies Webinar on Tuesday (Sept 28th, 6pm IST)

Professor Pankaj Jain पंकज जैन, Ph.D. pankajaindia at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 09:28:26 UTC 2021


*ABSTRACT: The history of Hinduism, from one point of view, is a history of
the periodic realignments of its conceptual universe, consisting of such
key categories as Karma, Dharma, Veda, Yoga, and soon. This talk will focus
on the kind of shifts in understanding of such key categories suggested by
modern developments.*

*Zoom Link: *

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Formerly of the IAS, Dr. Arvind Sharma is the Birks Professor of
Comparative Religion in the School of Religious Studies at McGill
University in Montreal, Canada in, He has taught in Australia (University
of Queensland, Sydney) and the USA (Northeastern, Temple, Boston,Harvard)
and has published extensively in the fields of comparative religion and
Indology. He was instrumental, through three global conferences (2006,
2011, 2016), in facilitating the adoption of a Universal Declaration of
Human Rights by the World’s Religions. His recent books include The Ruler’s
Gaze: A Study of British Rule over India from a Saidian
perspective, Gandhi: A Spiritual Biography; Hinduism and Its Sense of
History and Decolonizing Indian Studies. He has contributed to and edited
Our Religions: The Seven World Religions Introduced by Prominent Scholars
from Each Tradition. He is also the general editor of the Encyclopedia of
Indian Religions (Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer,2017).

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