[INDOLOGY] Grep tool for searching on Mac

Michaël Meyer michaelnm.meyer at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 20:35:13 UTC 2021

Dear list members,

I wrote a search tool to improve on Grep, which I currently use to look for
parallels in all the available E-texts (Gretil, Muktabodha, Sarit and Titus
combined). The tool takes care of various encoding issues, notational
conventions and oddities commonly found in Sanskrit E-texts. It also knows
about sandhi (e.g. looking for "smṛtes" will match "smṛteḥ" and "smṛter
api", see the screenshot below).

[image: Screenshot_20210918_212859.png]

The tool is written in such a way that missing a textual parallel is
extremely less likely than with Grep and such. However, it tends to
over-generate matches, which I believe is an acceptable trade-off when
searching for textual parallels. Contrarily to Prof. Kulkarni's Gaveṣika,
it doesn't use a parser, which makes it resilient to "difficult" or corrupt
texts, typos, etc.

I haven't made the tool public so far, because this would require a lot of
additional work on my part. I however intend to do it as soon as I find
enough time.

Best regards,
Michaël Meyer

Le ven. 17 sept. 2021 à 13:18, Krishnaprasad G via INDOLOGY <
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> Dear all
> Is there any readymade tool for using the Grep command for Sanskrit text
> string for multiple files?
> Thanks
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