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Dear Roland,
What remains is that Böhtlingk's family belonged to the Dutch merchant
community in St. Petersburg.
Whether or not his forefathers had adopted the Dutch nationality which at
that time was practically the only way to be officially allowed to settle
in the Russian empire depends on the archival evidence that can be found,
*minus* coverup attempts that may have followed... There were very old
Lutheran congregations in the Dutch republic preaching since the 16th
century in 'Nederduits' -- grammatically standardized several centuries
before 'Hochdeutsch' -- so the religious or even religious-linguistic
affiliation need not be a decisive factor.
N.B. the existence of a German Lutheran congregation in St. Petersburg in
the early and mid-19th century should not be construed according to the
political situation of middle Europe in the late 19th century,
Jan Houben

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> > Otto Böhtlingk, whose forefathers adopted the Dutch nationality
> > in order to be able to settle as merchants in the Russian Empire.
> According to the research of Agnes Stache-Weiske, this claim, which
> can be found in various places (e.g. Windisch, Kern, Mylius), is not
> true. It is correct that Böhtlingk's father belonged to the Dutch
> merchant community in St. Petersburg, but according to Stache-Weiske
> this says nothing about his nationality. A relatively sure indication,
> however, is the religious affiliation of the family, which from the
> beginning belonged to the German Lutheran congregation in St.
> Petersburg and not to the Dutch Reformed Church.
> Böhtlingk's father only acquired Russian citizenship shortly before
> his death, but only for himself and not for his family. It was only
> when he was awarded the title of nobility that Otto Böhtlingk himself
> became a Russian citizen in 1888.
> Compare Agnes Stache-Weiske: "... für die Wißenschaft, der ich von
> ganzer Seele lebe", Otto Böhtlingk (1815-1904): ein Gelehrtenleben,
> rekonstruiert und beschrieben anhand seiner Briefe, Wiesbaden:
> Harrassowitz 2017,, p. 12 f.
> Best,
> Roland Steiner
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