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Yes, it has a Prakrit origin as Madhev suspects. See

Mayrhofer, A Concise Etymological Sanskrit Dictionary, vol 3,p. 267

"vaikharī f. Name eines best. Lautes / name of a particular sound (Up., 
u.a.): nach Wright, NCSL 24 falsch sanskritisiertes Patronym. von mi. 
*vikkhara- < ai. viksarä- m. „Abfluß44 (AV), „Beiname Visnus44 (ep.,u.a.)".


Am 24.10.2021 um 02:11 schrieb Jim Ryan via INDOLOGY:
> Hi,
> I’m curious about the term Vaikharī for articulated speech. In the 
> /Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies /volume on the Grammarians, 
> judging from the index, it seems this term was first used  by 
> Bhartṛhari (at least in a grammatical context.) V. S. Apte cites the 
> Mallinatha commentary on /Kumārasaṃbhava /for an authoritative 
> reference of the word, but that is quite late (15th century.) Firstly, 
> are there instances of this word used with any frequency before 
> Bhartṛhari? Secondly, the lexicons give no good verbal root or root 
> word for it. I note that the word /vaikṛtī /as “alteration” has a 
> similar shape (and wouldn’t fit badly in the “articulated speech” 
> category of Vāc), but I’m presuming that the word  vaikharī is not a 
> Prakrit-derived form.  So… where and how do we get to this important 
> term in language theory in India, which seems unrelated to any other 
> common root or word?
> Jim Ryan
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> California Institute of Integral Studies
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