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विखर इति देहेन्द्रियसङ्घात
उच्यते । तत्र भवा वैखरी ।


II.157 विवर्तते832
न तु वाचकाद्विभक्तं वाच्यमपि नाम किंचिदस्ति । तस्मात्
काल्पनिक एव वाच्यवाचकविभागोऽयमविद्यैव 833
श्रीयते । वाग्रूपता तत्त्वम्, सर्वत्र 834
तदनपायात् । यथोक्तम

वाग्र्पता चेदुत्क्रामेदवबोधस्य शाश्वती ।

प्रकाशः प्रकाशेत सा हि प्रत्यवमर्शिनी इति ॥


विखर एक प्राणाश है, उससे प्रेरित होने के कारण भी इस वाणी को वैखरी कहा जाता

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> Hi Jim,
> The older Vedic references to चत्वारि वाक् परिमिता पदानि have been
> continuously reinterpreted. चत्वारि पदजातानि नामाख्यातोपसर्गनिपाता: is an
> explanation that we see in pre-Bhartr̥hari sources. With Bhartr̥hari begins
> the expansion into पश्यन्ती, मध्यमा and वैखरी to which परा gets added at
> some point. You have raised an interesting question about the origin of the
> word वैखरी, if it is a Sanskritized Prakrit word.  The Sanskrit verb
> विकिरति seems to appear as बिखरना in Hindi and विखरणे in Marathi. I don't
> know how far back in Prakrit this can be attested. But looking at the word
> वैखरी, I would not be surprised if it has a Prakrit origin.
> Madhav
> Madhav M. Deshpande
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> On Sat, Oct 23, 2021 at 5:12 PM Jim Ryan via INDOLOGY <
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>> Hi,
>> I’m curious about the term Vaikharī for articulated speech. In the *Encyclopedia
>> of Indian Philosophies *volume on the Grammarians, judging from the
>> index, it seems this term was first used  by Bhartṛhari (at least in a
>> grammatical context.) V. S. Apte cites the Mallinatha commentary on
>> *Kumārasaṃbhava *for an authoritative reference of the word, but that is
>> quite late (15th century.) Firstly, are there instances of this word used
>> with any frequency before Bhartṛhari? Secondly, the lexicons give no good
>> verbal root or root word for it. I note that the word *vaikṛtī *as
>> “alteration” has a similar shape (and wouldn’t fit badly in the
>> “articulated speech” category of Vāc), but I’m presuming that the word
>>  vaikharī is not a Prakrit-derived form.  So… where and how do we get to
>> this important term in language theory in India, which seems unrelated to
>> any other common root or word?
>> Jim Ryan
>> Asian Philosophies and Cultures (Emeritus)
>> California Institute of Integral Studies
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