[INDOLOGY] FLAME University's Fifth India Studies Webinar (on Indian Films, Monday Oct 25th 7.30pm IST by Prof Philip Lutgendorf)

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Tue Oct 12 04:58:47 UTC 2021

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The registration link for the next India Studies Webinar is here
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*‘Bollywood’** Kal, Aaj, aur Kal*

*(“yesterday, today, and tomorrow”)*

*By Professor Philip Lutgendorf*

*(abstract) *The Indian commercial film industry—known worldwide by the
misleading but now unavoidable label “Bollywood”—is famously the world’s
largest in terms of output. But it is also among the world’s oldest, and is
especially notable for having, for most of its century-plus existence,
steadfastly resisted or rejected Euro-American aesthetic and production
conventions to evolve a distinctive and independent cinematic style that
has often appealed not only to Indian viewers but also to vast
transnational audiences. This talk will identify and explore key elements
of this style, within the framework of a chronological history, and
featuring short clips from key films of different eras. It will conclude
with reflections on the present and (possible) future of “Bollywood”
style—is it (as some claim) vanishing due to the growing impact of changing
audience tastes, globalized media, and CGI and other digital technologies?

*(short bio) Professor Philip Lutgendorf *taught Hindi language and Modern
Indian Studies in the University of Iowa’s Department of Asian and Slavic
Languages and Literatures for 33 years, until his retirement in 2018. His
book on the performance of the Hindi Ramayana, *The Life of a Text* (U
California, 1991), won the A. K. Coomaraswamy Prize of the Association for
Asian Studies. He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2002-03 for his
research on the popular Hindu “monkey-god” Hanuman, which appeared as
Tale, The Messages of a Divine Monkey* (OUP, 2007). His interests include
epic performance traditions, folklore and popular culture, and mass media.
He maintains a website devoted to Hindi cinema, a.k.a. “Bollywood” (
www.uiowa.edu/indiancinema/ ). Four volumes of his new, seven-volume
translation of the sixteenth-century *Ramcharitmanas* of Tulsidas for the
Murty Classical Library of India have appeared as *The Epic of Ram*
(Harvard University Press, 2016, 2018). His research on the cultural
history of “chai” in South Asia began in 2010 with a Fulbright Senior
Fellowship. He has served as President of the American Institute of Indian
Studies (AIIS) from 2010-2018 and currently Chairs its Board of Trustees.



*Dr. Pankaj Jain *पंकज जैन
Professor, FLAME University
WhatsApp +91-7208489672
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