[INDOLOGY] Seven new etexts added to Muktabodha digital library

Harry Spier vasishtha.spier at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 18:01:14 UTC 2021

Dear list members,
Seven new texts concerned with the worship of Siddhilakṣmī  (all from NMCP
manuscipts) have been added to the Searchable e-text library of Muktabodha.
There are now 12 texts on the goddess Siddhilakṣmī in the searchable e-text

Note: There are now over 3000 texts in the three Muktabodha digital library
Paper transcripts of the IFP collection:  2248 texts.
Vedic manuscript collections from Gokarna collection: 325 texts
Searchable e-text library collection : 470 texts of which 207 are from
manuscripts (110 from NGMCP manuscripts, 74  from IFP transcripts, 23 from
other manuscripts)

Direct link: https://muktalib7.com/DL_CATALOG_ROOT/digital_library.htm

*New etexts added:*
1) siddhilakṣmīkavaca transcribed from NGMCP manuscript no: E 2663 Reel no:
E 158/8

2) siddhilakṣmīkramārcanā transcribed from NGMCP Reel no: H 337/5

3) siddhilakṣmīkramasthaṇḍilārcanavidhi transcribed from NGMCP manuscript
1-624 Reel no: A 249/6

4) siddhilakṣmīmantroddhara transcribed from NGMCP manuscript 5-848 Reel
no: B 28/23

5) siddhilakṣmīnityapūjāpaddhati transcribed from NGMCP Reel no: H 377/7

6) siddhilakṣmīvidhāna transcribed from NGMCP manuscript 4/304 Reel no: A

7) siddhilakṣmyayutākṣarī transcribed from NGMCP manuscript A-1529 Reel no:
B 156/32

On behalf of the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute
Harry Spier
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